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Alone in your box but connected to the world.

If you’re like me, hot yoga and hot fitness classes get you through your days and help you feel like your best self. The workouts are unparalleled, but it’s the community of fitness instructors and devoted practitioners that make 90 minutes of daily hot yoga as essential as oxygen. We might be facing a world of social distancing, but there’s a new way you can experience your hot yoga and hot fitness classes from home.

If you’re missing the magic of your daily fitness routine, let me show you My Hotbox Studio!

Introducing the

After 3 months in the Labs MyHotBox Studio is proud to introduce our first model available to the general public.

Where does it go?

The Aztec fits perfectly into any Garage, Basement or Spare room in the house and not built into the house as a fixture. Easily removable.
Standard size is 8 feet by 8 feet with custom AztecPLUS options available.

What is it?

It's A Box

Hand-built for you with custom installation.

It's Wired

Plug and play your favorite virtual content.

It's Hot

Really hot. But you control the airflow for your perfect temperature.

It's Connected

The two-way streaming interface works for live & group classes.

Use it solo, take virtual classes, or connect with expert instructors for Hot Yoga, Hot Fitness, and warm Guided Meditation through My HotBox Studio.


17 spots remaining

Join Sandy R. and others getting their box and exclusive access to our daily Zoom Studio Classes!


Get Hot now and order your box today!

After a quarantine’s time in the workshop, our team has created the materials, technology, and design to debut what we are proudly naming the Aztec.

Limited edition: Put your fully refundable $200 deposit down now and guarantee yourself your own personal Hot Box. Once the First 20 sign up, the scales “tip”, everyone is locked in, and we begin our Hot Box production cycle the next day. At that time you will be asked to pay half deposit, and the remaining balance upon completion of installation.

First Twenty Class: You will be inexorably linked to your first 20 teammates as member of the inaugural MyHotBoxStudio classes that will begin broadcasting live to your box upon completion of Box #20!

Early Adoptor value: The Aztec will never again be priced this low. We want you as an early adaptor and are making these basically at cost so we can study the response to the product as well as the product itself. Early testing has yielded phenomenal results, and we are proud to finally share.

Our Story

Tico Betancourt is a celebrated Main Line Philadelphia builder. He is also a mountain climber, a mountain biker, an artist, a husband, a father and a devoted Hot Yogi. He couldn’t deal without Hot Yoga and on Day 3 built his own box and spent the next 3 months perfecting it. Here’s his story.

The Box

These images are architectural renderings of what your finished box might look like.

Contact Us

Call or text Andy right now for a Zoom Chat to discuss your MyHotBox options

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Call or text Tico right now to ask him anything

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